Useful Freecycling Websites To Give Away Unwanted Items You Own

The concept of freecycling is a simple one. If you have something you no longer want – but you don’t want to throw it away – you simply place an advert on one of these websites. Other environmentally-conscious people can then go along and search for free goods.

They get freebies so don’t have to go out and buy things, while you clear out unwanted items without having to go to the hassle of trying to sell them, or worse throwing them away.

Whilst the original Freecycle is possibly the biggest and best-known of these sites, there are a whole host of possibilities these days that are worth considering. I have heard stories of people decking out an entire house as a result of finding items for free on freecycle, and I know of one allotment holder who got an entire greenhouse for free simply for being willing to go and collect it.

The following list of websites are ones which I myself have managed to find. If you know of any others then please help us all to be greener by leaving a comment at the end with the freecycling websites you know of that haven’t been listed here.


Freecycle– the original freecycling website now has over 7 million members around the globe and offers therefore a huge range of items. Some users have complained about having to join “groups” in order to access the site as this slows down searches and arguably makes using this site rather more complicated than some of their “competitors”.


Free2Collect– a far smaller, UK-based website offering a similar service to Freecycle though with only 30,000 registered members this site has rather less reach than Freecycle.


I Love Freegle– An offshoot of the Freecycle network based in the UK, Freegle is a combination of the words “free” and “legal” and is run by a network of volunteers.


Efreeko– Efreeko is still a small site with only a few thousand transactions under it’s belt but as a nationwide initiative with the right aims in mind this is another site well worth looking into. Rather than being location-based like Freecycle, Efreeko works more like Ebay where you can easily search for items from across the country and then receive them by post if necessary.


SnaffleUp– The concept surrounding SnaffleUp is one of user-based feedback and usability. A forum has been set up to allow users to offer comments and feedback the site owners with the goal to making this the most user-friendly of the freecycling websites.

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