Unusual Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

We have all heard of the more common ways of becoming more eco-friendly such as switching to energy saving light bulbs, reduce the amount of electricity you use, sealing windows and even fitting more installation to the home.

However, if you want to go a step further then here are some less common suggestions for making your home more energy-efficient…

Eco-friendly Toilet

Each year it is thought that 30% of you water usage will be flushed down a toilet, now that is a lot of water. An eco-friendly toilet has been invented to reduce the amount of water that is used each flush. Around 10 litres of water is used each time you flush a normal toilet, to conserve water an eco friendly toilet will reduce the amount of water used to 2-4 litres.

Rather than using water to push waste away, a strong powerful pump can be installed to your toilet pushing waste further away using less amount of water.

Water Saving Shower

Water saving showers can give you the rejuvenating shower as a normal one would, except less water will be used and it is also possible to reduce the heating costs at the same time. Water saving showers is expected to save up to 75% of water and it will still deliver the same great showering experience to you as before.

To make this possible, flow limiters are fitted to the valve of the shower hose, this means the shower head will deliver less water per minute but will still give an even strong spread of water.

Use a Microwave

Simply switching on the cooker can use more energy than a minute of using a microwave. If you only need to warm up a small amount of food or defrost something for dinner, choose to use the microwave instead when possible. It is thought that the microwave is more than 50% more efficient than a cooker; however it makes more sense to use a cooker for large meals as microwaving it can take twice as long.

Kitchen Appliances

If you really want to see a huge difference with your energy bills as well as help out the environment, you may want to consider purchasing new kitchen appliances. It is now possible to purchase refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and cookers that specialise in energy efficiency. Studies show that the kitchen is one of the prime rooms of the house where most energy is consumed.

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