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Sunforce 50048 reviewThe Sunforce 50048 60-Watt solar charging kit is designed as an “out of the box” solution to your solar power needs. The contents of the package include four 15-Watt solar panels measuring , a 200-Watt power inverter, a solar charge control and a wiring kit so all you need to buy ontop of this kit is a battery to charge. Whilst a 12V car battery will do the job it seems many current owners of the Sunforce 50048 opt to use marine batteries of a similar power simply because they are larger and so can hold more power.

In this Sunforce 50048 we’re going to be delving deeper into this exciting, popular and cost-effective way to add solar power to your life…

Save Money And Help The Planet

Of course adding solar power to your home has two main benefits. Firstly you by using renewable energy you are helping the environment by cutting down on your use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy. However there is more to it than that.

You will also have the opportunity to save money over the long term by significantly reducing your reliance on “paid for” electricity and instead creating your own.

One last benefit of the Sunforce 50048 solar charging kit is that it can also be a source of electricity should you need or want to be “off grid”. For example the Sunforce 50048 is very popular with owners of RV’s who may not always be close to a source of mains electricity and this kit allows them to power cell phones, laptops and so on while exploring the wilds.

Durable Amorphous Sunforce Solar Panels

There are a huge number of different types of solar panels currently available but in this Sunforce 50048 review the first important point to note is that this kit comes with four amorphous solar panels. These panels are created by spraying silicon onto glass and have the distinct benefit of generating good levels of power even in low light levels unlike many other types of panels.

Whilst it is fair to say that you will manage to generate more electricity on sunny days than overcast days, it is also safe to say (and users of the Sunforce kit back this up) that you will still be able to generate a reasonable amount of power even on cloudy days which makes this kit far more practical than many others on the market which require full sunlight to harness any electricity.

These amorphous solar panels which come with the Sunforce 50048 solar charging kit are also designed specifically to be very durable so that they can be safely left outside all year round without risk of any damage to them. Tests carried out by the manufacturer have even found they can withstand hail storms without problems.

200-Watt Inverter Included

The next piece of kit included with the Sunforce 50048 is the inverter whose purpose is to turn the electricity generated by the solar panel into a source of power that can be stored in a battery. Basically it turns DC electricity into AC electricity and without this essential piece of kit it simply wouldn’t be possible to store the power you generate and would find that you only had electricity on sunny days while at night you had none. The inverter helps you to avoid this problem enabling you to charge batteries during the day and then use the power whenever you need it.

Solar Charge Control To Protect Your Batteries

The solar charge control works rather like a “surge protector” on your personal computer and is designed so that the system cannot overcharge – and hence damage – your batteries. Without this there is a risk that your batteries might need to be replaced far more often to again this helps to make the Sunforce 50048 solar charging kit almost maintenance-free once it is set up for the first time.

Fixing Kit Included

The Sunforce 50048 comes with a tubing system to help you mount your solar panels on the ground in an optimal position to draw as much energy from the sun as possible. Some users prefer to attach the panels to a roof rather than place them on the ground and this can be easily achieved though the aim of the fixing kit is simply to get you up and running as quickly as possible without you needing to buy lots of extra materials.

Blocking Diode Technology

The Sunforce 50048 uses what they call “blocking diode technology” to protect the electricity that you generate. You know the experience of putting a battery-powered item in a cupboard or drawer only to find some months later that the batteries have discharged and there is no power in them? Well the goal of this diode blocking technology is to prevent such an experienc with your solar panel kit and ensures you retain maximum power from your kit by preventing your batteries from discharging over time.

Easy Installation

The Sunforce 50048 comes with everything you need to become self-sufficient in terms of electricity save for the battery you will need (though these can be bought cheaply second-hand if you’re on a budget) and comes with complete installation instructions. This makes installation of the kit quick and simple because you know all the parts have been carefully designed and chosen to work together rather than requiring you to do considerable research and experimentation until you find a combination of equipment that works well together.

This is a significant time-save and as one Sunforce 50048 review from an actual owner I read recently said “Easy to set up. A one man job”. Sounds good to me, and no need to hire a qualified electrician to get you up and running.

Who Is The Solarforce 50048 60-Watt Charging Kit Designed For?

The Solarforce 50048 is designed to charge a 12V battery which, via the inverter, will power most 110V household appliances. Current users use the 50048 to power laptops, charge up cell phones, power low-wattage bulbs and so on though this kit alone is unlikely to produce enough energy to power your whole home or even some more “energy sucking” appliances like vacuums or washing machines.

The Solarforce 50048 has a number of specific uses such as when used on the roof of an RV to produce the power necessary for everyday activities, for powering items such as electric fences or pond pumps where no mains electricity is available or as a useful backup source in areas which suffer from regular power cuts.

Other examples of suitable uses could be for electricity generation on boats, for those living in caravans or, at a push, as a main power source if you live a low-energy lifestyle such as with energy-efficient lighting and so on.

What Others Are Saying

The Solarforce 50048 is one of the most popular solar power kits currently on the market due to it’s ease of use, speed of set up and reliability and so there are lots of reviews online for those who care to search but here are a few comments I have gathered during my own research:

“For the money, you can’t beat it. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“It gets 5 stars for the money and simplicity.”

“Easy to set up. A one man job.”

“Managed to charge a car battery in under 1 cloudy winter day.”

“These are great panels.”

How Much You Should Expect To Pay

The list price of this kit is $599.99 and while that may seem expensive remember how much money you could save as a result of this investment. Furthermore of course you are paying for a complete kit with everything but the battery included and so this in my opinion makes the 50048 kit very valuable indeed.

Having said that you can shop around online to find bargains and the best deal I have personally seen to far is at Amazon who at the time of writing are offering the kit for less than half the list price though I have no idea how long this discount will be available for. Click here to go to the exact page and see if the deal is still available.

Complaints About The Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit?

There are two main issues that have been aimed at the Sunforce 50048. The first of these is that the fixing kit isn’t as durable as some users may like as the PVC tubing can become damaged by the sun over time and become brittle. While there is a slight risk of this far more customers have had little or no problems with the kit and should you need to purchase a few new fittings some years down the road this seems like a small price to pay for the ease of use and completeness of this package.

The second issue sometimes mentioned is that while the kit is marketed as a 60-Watt solar charging kit it can be difficult to attain the full 60-Watts with some users only generating half that. Even so, most people find that their battery is full at the end of each day so this rarely impacts the practical use of the unit. Keeping the panels aimed at direct sunlight as much as possible (south facing) and gently cleaning dirt off the panels once a month seem to maximize the results you will receive.

Where Can You Read More Reviews Of The Sunforce 50048?

A quick search in Google will turn up a range of Sunforce 50048 reviews however possibly the best place to read reviews from people who actually use this solar panel kit is on Amazon. Click here to read more reviews.

Where Can You Buy A Sunforce 50048 Solar Kit?

The Sunforce 50048 is available from a wide range of retailers both online and off but at the moment it seems like the best deal is on Amazon thanks to their low price, excellent customer service and free delivery. Click here to visit Amazon now.

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