An Introduction To Air Source Heat Pumps

photo credit: James Jordan Air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from outside to provide heat for underfloor heating systems, heat radiators, and even for providing hot water for your home. It uses the same principle as refrigerators that extract heat from inside to make it possible to achieve a colder temperature to preserve […]


Free Going Green Ebook

going green

Going green isn’t easy. Being more eco friendly can often take considerable time and effort. Fortunately there are ways to “fast track” the process. Going Green in 24 Hours, our new ebook, explains over 40 powerful tips that can be easily implemented over the course of a single day to help you in going green. […]



Welcome To The No-Nonsense Guide To Going Green And Eco Friendly Living Advice

We live in an amazing world – a world of infinite variety and beauty – and a world worth preserving for future generations. Going green is all about finding simple, effective ways to reduce our impact on the planet and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to this site. Here at Eco Living Advicewe have […]


Going Green With Free Software Applications For Eco Friendly Computer Printing

photo credit: striatic The internet is helping to revolutionize our lives. We’re reading more online, sending more emails and saving fuel by not having to go and speak to people in person to get things done. We’re all slowly going green either deliberately or by accident thanks to the world wide web. But there is […]


The Disadvantages Of Eco Friendly Living

photo credit: normalityrelief To those of us who care about the environment and eco friendly living one question we need to ask ourselves is why we are still in the minority. Why do most people make at best a token gesture towards living a more sustainable lifestyle? This is the question I have been considering […]


Minimalism And Eco Friendly Living

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Minimalism is a lifestyle movement characterized by stripping life down to the bare fundamentals. The concept involves giving away or selling the vast majority of your belongings to live a simpler, more rewarding existence. Items are more likely to be rented or borrowed than bought. Even one’s diet is kept simple and […]


How To Have An Eco Friendly Barbecue

photo credit: TheBusyBrain Summer is here at last! And with it comes the inevitable warmth, sunshine and desire for barbecues. However as with anything else, there is an eco friendly way to have a BBQ and an uneco-friendly way. As many regular readers will know, I believe that being eco friendly should be fun and […]


Waste: Uncovering The Global Food Scandal By Tristram Stuart Review

As regular readers of this site will know I read (and review) quite a number of environmental books and because of this it normally takes something very special to stand out from the crowd. I will tell you straight away that for me, this was just such a book. Waste by Tristram Stuart (subtitled Uncovering […]


Six Steps To Make Your Website More Eco Friendly

photo credit: juanpol The internet is increasingly a part of everyday life. I’m guessing you agree if you’re here reading this right now. And given the choice, most people would tell you that reading something online is greener than buying a book or magazine with the same information. After all, you’re saving all that paper, […]

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How To Attract Dragonflies And Damselflies Into Your Garden

photo credit: HVargas It’s that time of year again when we are amazed at the colors and the flying ability of dragonflies and damselflies zipping around in the warm air. From metallic blues to greens to yellows, these insects are surely some of our most beautiful to look at and fascinating to watch. So strangely […]

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Houseplants That Purify The Air In Your Home

photo credit: chefranden We live in a world of pollution. From oil spills polluting the oceans to chemicals polluting our rivers and streams. And of course it goes without saying that the air we breathe is laced with a variety of potentially harmful chemicals as a result of industrial processes, burning fossil fuels and the […]


7 Practical Steps To Reduce The Food You Throw Away

photo credit: jbloom Depending on which source you listen to we in the Western world throw away between a third and a half of all the food we buy. There are so many reasons why this is shocking. First and foremost it takes considerable resources to produce the food we buy. Some is shipped half […]

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Book Review: Free – Adventures On The Margins Of A Wasteful Society by Katherine Hibbert

photo credit: mugley Katherine Hibbert was working as a journalist when the recession led to her losing her job. At just the same time she was unlucky enough to become a victim of the increase in mortgage rates meaning her rent increased as her income slumped to nothing. Deciding on a route out took some […]


How To Become A Locavore

photo credit: garryknight Locavores are so-called because they appreciate and understand the concept of food miles. Quite simply the further our food has to travel from producer to plate, the more carbon has likely been emitted and so people keen on eco living rightly look for food that has travelled the least distance to get to […]


6 Reasons Why Food Is Put In Packaging

photo credit: dan taylor Back in the “good old days” people would take a bag or basket to their local store or farm and collect what it was that they needed. These days of course a major concern in terms of food is quite simply how much packaging is used. If you took your weekly […]

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Six Eco Living Tips For Hotel Stays

photo credit: bridgepix If you’re staying in a hotel in the near future then there are a surprising number of simple ways to reduce your ecological footprint while fully enjoying your stay. In this way you can not only have a thrilling time away but also feel good about the positive impact you have made. […]


How To Control Snails Without Chemicals

photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi To many gardeners, snails are a perennial problem. All your vegetables are growing away nicely when suddenly you visit your plot only to find that an influx of slugs and snails has laid waste to much of your hard work (and future crop). The knee-jerk reaction may be […]


Four Tested Tips For Growing Better Organic Vegetables

photo credit: NomadicLass In today’s factory farming, producers are forced to use a potent cocktail of pesticides and herbicides to keep yields up as high as possible in the hope of turning a profit. But given the choice, most of us would rather these chemicals weren’t used. From pesticide residues on food to the pollution […]

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Eco Living – Green Careers

  photo credit: The Marmot When we think of living a greener lifestyle, it is normal to think instantly of using public transport rather than a car, of buying locally produced, in season food grown organically. Of better insulating our homes and turning off lights when we don’t need them. But many of us spend […]


The Hidden Cost Of Cheap Food

photo credit: lrargerich According to statistics, food the cheapest it has ever been in relative terms. Whereas in the 1950s up to a third of household income was spent on food, now that figure is closer to just 10%. With promotions and “roll back” prices, food continues to get ever cheaper and even the most […]