Should People Consider Green Funerals?

green funerals

Choosing to have a green funeral is becoming increasingly common in our environmentally conscious society. With more and more green funerals being planned in the US every year, it is only a matter of time until they become more widespread in the UK. But why would one choose a green funeral? Well, quite simply, our […]


How To Fund A Greener House

eco house renovations

The drive for greener lifestyles has hit every consumer product. From clothing to organic food, consumers are trying to support a more ecologically friendly lifestyle. For individuals who are trying to update their home, there are several green funding options on the market that can assist in paying for home updates and energy efficient appliances. […]


Common Types of Ecological Surveys

tree surveys

An ecological survey, commonly dubbed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is an evaluation of the possible outcome (both positive and negative) that any proposed project is likely to impose to the environment. These impacts are not only viewed in relation to the environment, but also in regard to their social and economic outlook. These reports […]


Natural Pest Control For Your Lawn And Garden

pest control

Pests are a natural element in every lawn and garden, but that doesn’t mean you want them munching on your leaves. Artificial and chemical pesticides may be effective, but they can get into the food chain and local water courses. If you’re looking for a natural pest control, there are several remedies that are safe […]


3 Green Job Boards to Guide Your Search

green job boards

From engineering to advertising and even catering, industries across the board are taking steps to be more sustainable and environmentally aware. With the green revolution strong as ever and only growing, the need for eco-conscious professionals is continually growing—which means our job market is evolving and adapting. As concerns about climate change, deforestation and excessive […]


Cheap Greenhouses: 7 Top Tips For Saving Money On Greenhouses

Cheap greenhouses

The attraction of cheap greenhouses is easy to understand in that they allow those of us living in temperate areas to grow fruits and vegetables that simply can’t be grown satisfactorily outdoors. Greenhouses allow us to grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and similar sensitive plants. And even people living in warmer climates can benefit from owning […]


Growing Mushrooms: A Beginners Guide

growing mushrooms

Growing mushrooms can be an incredibly enjoyable and satisfying experience that will allow you to not only produce your own delicious crops in a natural, organic way but furthermore provides access to all sorts of “luxury” mushrooms that either aren’t commonly available or cost as much as a family holiday when you do see them […]


5 Home Insulation Tips To Reduce Your Heating Bills

home insulation

Most environmentalists agree that proper home insulation is one of the most productive ways to improve the sustainability of your home. While there are many things we can do to become more eco friendly, heating our homes is one of the biggest factors contributing to our carbon footprint. In addition, adding suitable insulation to your […]


Review: Sharkwater With Rob Stewart

sharkwater review

Lifelong diver Rob Stewart set out to create a wildlife film about the group of animals he is most passionate about – sharks. His intention was to dispell the myths surrounding these wonders of evolution and to educate viewers about how slight the risk of being attacked by sharks really is. In doing so he […]

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4 Tips For Bringing Cheap Solar Power Into Your Home

cheap solar power

If you care about the environment then I have no doubt that you’re aware of all the benefits surrounding solar power. However the major weakness surrounding installing solar panels in your home is principally the cost of a bespoke solar PV system. That said, even if you have minimal cash to invest in your environmentally […]


9 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Electicity Bill Without Living Like A Hermit

Sometimes saving the planet and saving your money align perfectly and reducing the electricity you use around your home is a perfect example of this. Clearly the less power you use the less that your utility company is going to charge you. In addition when you reduce your energy needs you’ll also cut down on […]


DIY Solar Panels

diy solar panels

DIY solar panels are within the reach of anyone with a little time and a small amount of money to spend. Whilst full-blown solar panel set-ups installed by a professional installer can run to tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to DIY solar panels just a few hundred dollars is enough to get […]


Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

solar energy advantages and disadvantages

Over the last decade or so solar energy has metamorphosed from the preserve of hippies and idealists to the realm of normality. More and more everyday people are seeing the benefits of solar energy and as a result finding ways to include it in their lives – whether that’s going all-out on a bespoke solar […]


Turn Off The Air-Con: 6 Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

When the sunshine is beating down and the temperature is rising it’s understandable that many people flick on their air conditioning. But while your air conditioning might make you feel more comfortable in the short term there’s a gremlin you need to be aware of: one of the biggest contributors to most Westerner’s carbon footprint […]


Weed Control Without Chemicals

weed control without chemicals

For anyone with a garden weed control can be a constant battle. Seeds blown in by the wind, deposited by birds or other animals and of course suckers from weeds growing underground can quickly turn a tidy garden into a weed-filled wilderness. Now of course weeds do have their benefits; it is important that we […]


Cheap Solar Panels: Reducing The Cost Of Solar Panels

photo credit: Pink Dispatcher As anyone who has looked into the cost of solar panels will tell you: one of the greatest weaknesses of solar panels for your home is quite simply how expensive they are. I full-blown solar panel installation can set you back tens of thousands of dollars and while you should make […]


8 Ways To Make Eco Friends

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography All this talk about how to be eco friendly is jolly exciting until you realize you’re at risk of becoming the local killjoy. The one who wants to eat organic food not some factory-processed rubbish. The one that wants to avoid palm oil, non-sustainable fish, trans fats, pesticides and so […]


8 Ways To Wash Your Clothes In A More Eco Friendly Way

photo credit: Magic Madzik Cleaning our clothes, while necessary, is a potential mine-field for the environmentally-aware individual. From the water and power that we use to the chemicals we flush into the water system there are a huge number of improvements that can be made to the “standard” way of washing your clothes to make […]


10 Ways To Reduce The Costs Of Eco Travel

photo credit: Kıvanç Niş When you consider the average person’s carbon footprint one of the most obvious ways to become significantly more eco friendly is to consider how you travel around. Driving a car around on your own is second-only to jetting off on vacation  for carbon emissions but one common complaint against using public […]


4 Ways To Heat Your Home More Efficiently This Winter

photo credit: el diablo robotico As summer draws to a close it’s natural that we start to think of the cold weather coming our way over the next few months. Gone will be the flip flops and shorts and out will come the coats and jumpers. It’ll only be so long until you put your […]