“Not On The Label” Book Review

Not On The Label is a book which promises to give a behind-the-scenes tour of the food industry, revealing things that the big food producers and manufacturers would never want us to see.

Call me nosey but anything that is going to potential reveal some juicy secrets really gets my interest and I have personally grown ever more concerned about food as a subject over the last few years.

Concepts such as the amount of chemicals used on and in the food we buy every day, plus the destruction of the planet for food production cause me sleepless nights and so I was so pleased when I recently found this book in my local library.

It does not disappoint. The found the book very easy and enjoyable to read with a logical, natural narrative. The author argues the case of problems in the food industry very well citing specific examples and publications in support of her argument.

Indeed, I found the contents so shocking that I was gripped and dusted off the book in next to no time because I struggled so much to put it down.

If you are at all concerned about the topic of food – whether that’s from a health or an environmental point of view – I would strongly recommend that you consider reading this book. Not only did I learn a huge amount but this is one fo the few books that I have read that actually wanted me to stand up and start taking action.

I have already begun paying more attention to the food I consume and have also started to investigate ways of making my own food consumption more natural, organic, better for the environment and better for me.

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