Minimalism And Eco Friendly Living

Minimalism is a lifestyle movement characterized by stripping life down to the bare fundamentals. The concept involves giving away or selling the vast majority of your belongings to live a simpler, more rewarding existence. Items are more likely to be rented or borrowed than bought. Even one’s diet is kept simple and deliberate.

By removing most of the distractions of everyday life minimalists aim for a more conscious, deliberate and enjoyable existence without the responsibilities that most people feel towards their belongings.

Reading a book on the subject recently it hit me that minimalism isn’t just an interesting concept that I am keen to experiment with but it also has the potential to be very beneficial for the environment.

In our consumerist society we are forever buying the latest gadgets, throwing away unwanted items, producing packaging and rubbish. Certainly there are ways to minimize the effects of this lifestyle such as by recycling and so on but even recycling requires energy to accomplish. Far better is not to produce rubbish of any form in the first place.

And this is exactly what minimalism focuses on. Living life on far fewer resources than most people choose to. Stripping down to the essentials and ignoring the unnecessary noise.

If you care about eco-friendly living then you could do a lot worse than to find out more about the concept from your local library or from one of the many high-quality blogs on the subject. I think you will find a surprising number of people living a more sustainable lifestyle than most people without even necessarily aiming for such a thing.

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