Incentives To Make Renewable Energy More Cost Effective

Would you rather save the earth or your bank balance?

It’s a question that many of us would struggle to answer, as it is fair to say that even those of us that are the most money conscious are finding it tough in the current economic climate.

Purse strings are drawing tighter and tighter as families are under pressure to keep themselves above water. It is the home that often suffers during the festive period, as basics such as gas and electricity begin to feel like luxuries.

However help may be at hand. Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps are a new way of providing a home with alternative energy. Put simply, Heat Pumps convert heat that is taken from underneath the ground – or air – and converted into energy, to use directly in the home.

Not only are the pumps discreet, they also work well with features such as under floor heating, making your home even cosier in the winter. They can used alongside products such as solar panels to create solar water
systems, as well as space heating.

This is not the only way of saving however. A new incentive called the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ means that if you install a Ground or Air Source Heat Pump, you will be eligible for a premium payment of £1,250 guaranteed. Pretty helpful for those pesky January months ay? But this is not all! From October 2012 the homeowner will also receive on going RHI payments from there on afterwards.

So in essence a Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump is not only an ideal way to save the world – one household at a time – it will also save, and earn, you and your family some very welcome extra pounds this winter.

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