How To Use Your Mobile Phone In A Greener Way

Whilst the easiest way to make your mobile phone use greener would simply be to recycle it and not get a new one, few people (myself included) would be willing to do such a thing. So instead we need to find ways in which we can reduce our environmental footprint while still making best use of the technology around us.

Get A Solar Powered Phone

Did you know that Puma have designed a mobile phone with a solar panel on the back? Due for release in April 2010 this phone can be charged up using nothing but the solar panel on the back of the handset.

Don’t Upgrade

If you’re in a contract then you’ll know that your mobile phone provider tries to woo you into signing up for another contract by offering you a free phone. Of course, no phone is really free – you’re paying for it out of your monthly bill.

But upgrading if your old phone works fine seems something of a waste of time. You are encouraging the phone manufacturers to keep on creating new handsets out of limited resources, and what happens to the old phone that you now don’t need?

Whilst I’m sure you’re different, many people either throw the old phone in the bin or simply leave it to rot at the back of a drawer somwehere.

Turn It Off!

if you’re not using your mobile phone – such as when you are alseep – why not turn it off rather than leaving it on wasting power all night?

Recycle Old Phones

Old phones can often be reused in their entirety such as by sending them off to Africa where they can be used, or recycled where many of the expensive and potentially dangerous elements can be removed for use in another handset.

So recycling at least reduces what goes in to landfill. But old mobile phones also have a value which can be as much as several pounds. Even for a non-working handset.

There are a number of charities now who will help to prolong the life of your phone either by reusing or recycling it – and you will also be helping the charity to raise funds into the process.

So if you have an old phone, please give it to a charity rather than a mobile phone shop – or worse – throwing it in the bin.

Turn Off Features You Don’t Need

Were you aware that features such as Bluetooth and 3G use up huge amounts of energy even when you are not using them? Turning these off in your phone menu will significantly increase the period of time between battery charges so saving power.

Use A Solar Charger

Solar chargers can now be purchased for a reasonable price and will help you to charge up your phone battery without relaying on other forms of power.

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