Growing Vegetables In Containers And Pots

Growing vegetables in containers is an ideal way to produce your own organically-grown fresh produce no matter how little space you have at home. Indeed even people without a garden of their own can successfully grow their own potatoes, carrots and a whole host of other nutritious vegetables with just a little bit of knowledge.

The purpose of this article on gowing vegetables in containers is two-fold. Firstly we’re going to discuss the five key elements for success when it comes to growing vegetables in pots. Then you’re going to have the opportunity to get your hands on a free ebook which explains every detail of growing your own food in containers – in exchange for a small favor.

The Five Secrets To Growing Vegetables In Containers

You may believe that successfully growing vegetables in containers is really as simple as popping a few seedlings into a pot of compost and letting nature take it’s course.

However while this method will work in some cases, to really get the most possible from the experience it’s necessary to put a little more effort in.

By doing so not only will you make your own life a lot easier but your yields (the amount of actual edible vegetables you produce) will be significantly higher. And that means more crops from the same amount of space which can only be a good thing.

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1) The Right Vegetable Plant To Grow In A Container

Some vegetables are easier than others to grow in a container. Furthermore for each type of vegetable there are numerous differeny varieties and cultivars designed with different purposes in mind.

Taking the example of tomatoes the “standard” tomatoes will grow very large, produce a lot of often tatty-looking foliage and require a large container if their roots are to grow successfully. Equally though there are varieties designed specifically for growing in containers which achieve a far smaller size yet are very heavy-cropping.

Figuring out *what* you can successfully grow in containers and getting the best strains is one of the biggest keys to success when it comes to growing vegetables in containers.

2) The Right Compost For Your Vegetables

Different vegetable plants require different things from their growing medium. Of course this is one way in which growing vegetables in pots can be so successful because you can provide completely different growing conditions in seperate containers that are sat right next to each other. Just consider how difficult this might be if you were trying to grow these plants directly in the ground!

As an example potatoes typically like rich, loamy soil while carrots prefer sandier, more free-draining compost so if your vegetables are to remain healthy and produce as much food for you as possible it’s important to carefully consider their requirements.

3) The Right Container For Your Vegetables

Consider how large the vegetable plants you want to grow are going to get together with how tall they will grow and how many you want to plant. Whilst some peppers can be successfully grown in very small pots, other vegetables like egg plant or courgettes will require considerably more space for their roots if they are going to fruit properly. Additionally tall plants may blow over in high winds and so a deeper, heavier container will help to prevent this.

4) The Right Location For Your Pots Or Containers

If you’re growing vegetables in containers then also consider the location of your pots. For example how much sunshine will your plants require? Additionally you will find that many vegetable plants like tomatoes and peppers will fruit far earlier and more prolifically if they are kept as warm as possible so placing them near a south-facing wall can be beneficial for them.

5) The Right Care For Your Vegetables

Lastly while many vegetable plants grown in pots can virtually take care of themselves besides the ocassional bit of food or water some require more regular care. Many plants will produce better fruit if you limit the number that you let them produce and others will require regular maintenance to ensure they grow correctly. Take these factors into account when growing vegetables in pots.

Growing Vegetables In Containers FAQ

At the moment, we’re putting together an ebook all about growing vegetables in pots but we want to make it the best possible resource on the subject. And for that we need your help.

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  1. Wow, this is great advice! I tried growing a number of my own vegetables in my backyard and they either died or just never grew at all. I had no idea that different plants require different mediums to grow in! No wonder I haven't been successful.

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