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eco friendly products
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We all know that our consumer culture creates a huge environmental footprint. Everything from sourcing the base materials of whatever it is we’re buying. through to the manufacturing processes, the packaging, transportation and eventual disposal all result in pollution, the burning of fossil fuels and thousands of tons of rubbish being disposed of in landfill every day.

Unfortunately though, as nice and simple as the ideal answer may be, we can’t simply all stop spending money and buying new products. Not only would the economy collapse (again!) but it’s simply not realistic in today’s world. And even if you limit your purchases to the bare essentials you’re still going to need to buy products to replace old ones as they wear out. And this is where eco friendly products come in.

What Are Eco Friendly Products?

Eco friendly products are designed specifically to be as sensitive to the needs of the environment as possible. This often means they are produced in environmentally-sustainable ways using low-energy manufacturing and wherever possible recycled materials. For example there are companies now that collect unwanted used plastic coffee cups from offices around the country and then recycle this plastic, turning it into office stationary.

However eco friendly products aren’t just made using environmental practices. Indeed the best eco products also have the use of the product in mind so, for example, a wide range of eco cosmetics are available now that contain little or no harmful chemicals that could cause damage when washed down the plug-hole.

Lastly many eco friendly products are designed so that they can be easily and sustainably disposed of at the end of their life without contributing to the problems of rubbish disposal. Frequently this means that both the products itself and the packaging it comes in are fully recyclable – or even that the manufacturer or retailer themselves will take back your own eco products in exchange when you buy new ones.

In short, eco friendly products do exactly what their non-eco friendly alternatives do, but with more thought, sensitivity and planning to ensure they have far fewer negative effects on the environment. They enable us to live in today’s consumer culture and to buy the things we need or want while managing to reduce our impact on the planet.

Indeed some manufacturers and retailers of eco friendly products even go a step further than just providing sustainable, chemical-free, low-impact products and reinvest part of their profits into environmental causes meaning that simply by buying from them rather than suppliers of non-eco friendly products you’re helping reforestation, conservation projects and green energy production.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Take a look at your oven cleaner and you’ll probably find some pretty shocking warnings on the bottle. Don’t use in a confined space. Keep away from the skin and eyes. Don’t allow it to get on fabrics. Seek immediate medical assistance if you ingest any. Don’t leave it on the oven too long. And so on.

Oven cleaner, along with many other cleaning products, contain a huge battery of effective yet highly corrosive and toxic chemicals. They leave your house clean but at what cost the environment? Remember that a lot of these chemicals will end up finding their way into the eco system either from cleaning products being washed down the drain, from damaged bottles leaking and from old bottles and cleaning clothes being sent to landfill. All these chemicals – an ever-growing toxic cocktail – is slowly leaching into the earth, poisoning our wildlife and endangering the systems we rely on every day.

When you couple this with the way in which we have so much control over what gets used in and around our homes it’s clear that eco friendly cleaning products are one area where we can all have a significant impact on the environment. By moving from “old school” non-eco friendly form and instead starting to use more eco friendly cleaning products we’ll be able to keep our homes and offices just as clean and hygienic without taking risks with the environment.

Eco Promotional Products

By their very nature lots of promotional products are given away every day. Whether they are freebies given away to potential customers at a seminar or expo, gifts that sales reps give to contacts to try and get some free marketing or whatever the whole concept surrounding promotional products is to have them made in bulk and then give a lot away.

Of course only a small percentage of those items given away will actually end up in use and even these will have a limited lifespan. Furthermore the average promotional goods such as pens and keyrings are often made from petroleum-based materials which are not only further depleting our fossil fuel supplies and leading to global warming but more likely than not aren’t recyclable and virtually every promotional product – no matter how good – will end up in the bin being sent to landfill.

One final consideration is what this says about you as a person and on a wider scale the company you work for. Clearly many companies like to give away promotional products but as the world is becoming more aware of how fragile the planet is giving away thousands of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable pens to people who don’t really want them makes a definite statement that you’re putting potential profits before the planet. Not cool.

This is where eco promotional products come in as they allow you to market your business or cause while minimizing the effect of your promotional activit5ies on the planet. Whether these are products made from recycled materials, eco friendly products to make the office more green or products specifically designed to be reused or recycled, eco promotional products allow you to not only market yourself but also do so in an ethical manner.

Eco Office Products

The modern-day office is a model example of everything lacking in environmental merit. Huge amounts of artificial lighting, heating and air conditioning are used to try and make the conditions pleasant for workers. Water coolers abound and coffee machines heat drinks all day long – even when nobody fancies a cup. Computers, printers and desktop fans buzz non-stop while waste paper piles up in the bins.

Of course I’m being overly dramatic here. Certainly there are still plenty of offices just like this – but these days modern business leaders are waking up to the fact that there are greener ways to do business. And just one example of how this can be achieved is through a solid investment in eco office products.

From low energy appliances to recycled paper, from vegetable printer inks to software that reduces the amount of printing necessary where are a whole host of options available for anyone who cares about the environment and is willing to put the time into researching eco friendly products for their office.

Eco Friendly Baby Products

Eco friendly baby products have two distinct advantages. Firstly eco friendly baby products allow you to give your little one the best possible start in life with a natural, organic, low-impact childhood that lowers their carbon footprint from the outset and, if many people are to be believed, allow your baby to grow up in a healthier and more natural environment.

The second benefit is that bringing up a baby the “standard way” can be worryingly wasteful. From the tons of disposable nappies and diapers we throw away each year to the clothes that are quickly outgrown and disposed of through to plastic toys that are easy to break and even easier to throw away.

Eco friendly baby products therefore allow you to bring up your child without the inherent problem of the environmental footprint they naturally create. You will be able to keep your own environmental impact to a minimum thanks to the ever-growing range of recyclable, biodegradable and reusable baby products now available on the market for anyone who cares to look.

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