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Hi there and welcome to Eco Living Advice.

My name is Richard Adams and it’s my pleasure to be bringing you this rather unusual website. The reason that it is unusual is that while I have a passion for saving our planet, I believe the only realistic way to do this is to maintain our current living standards.

If we want as many people as possible to adopt eco living as a way of life then I think it is important that we don’t ask people not to wash or flush their toilet; not to use electricity or buy a car. If we expect people to go and live in a cave with no home comforts then the green movement is surely doomed.

Instead, we need to find simple, “pain free” methods whereby we can reduce our effects on the planet without having to compromise on home comforts. Only this will lead to widescale uptake.

So my plan on this site isn’t go talk about how we all need to grow all our own food, never go on holiday again and stop buying birthday cards for our friends. It’s about living a full, exciting life, while minimizing your effects on the planet.

It’s about living a balanced life that satisfies you and the planet.

If that sounds like your cup of tea then welcome aboard – and please take the time to add your own opinions and comments here – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

1 thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Richard,

    Nice article (6 Easy Ways…). But are you and I the only ones who care?

    I have just sent a four year old shower cubicle to landfill due to a tiny broken part that was unobtainable. I bought a new cubicle, which also has no manufacturer name or address, and no way to obtain spares.

    This is a huge problem. We need a law that requires manufactures to make spare parts available, or at least to state the availability of parts on packaging. Some companies do it really well and should be rewarded for it.

    What about a petition to number10.gov.uk ?

    Great site, important work. Thank you.


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