A Beautiful Symbiosis: Why Saving The Planet Can Save Your Pocket Too

When we think about organic food, fair trade products, free range eggs and the like it is easy to balk at just how expensive many of these items are. Many people avoid going green simply because of the cost implications.

I have to admit that I also used to think like this.

Until I had something of a change of heart.

You see I realized that whilst those elements of a green lifestyle cost more than the “less green” option, many other elements actually cost less.

For example, if you give up your car then suddenly you don’t have to worry about fuel, insurance and worst of all repair costs. You can grow your own fruit and vegetables saving you a huge amount of money so you actually spend less overall when you go grocery shopping. You can better insulate your home and switch to low energy appliances which will reduce your electricity bills and so on.

Infact, more than half of the “green movement” is about lessening your effect on the planet. Using less water, less electricity, less fossil fuels and so on. And if you’re using less, you’re obviously going to spend less.

So the end result is that going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Infact, it can even save you money if you do it right.

One more consideration before we close. Is money all there really is as a measuring stick for whether something is worth doing? Aren’t we really too focused on whether one solution is cheaper than another? Shouldn’t be instead be looking at the environmental impact as just as important as the cost when it comes to smart decision making these days?

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