7 Ways To Make Your Office More Green

These days companies are starting to realize that they need to be greener. Whether this is due to a genuine desire by the management to lessen the effect of their company on the environment or a rather cynical attempt at some easy PR, the fact remains that many companies are currently looking for ways to make their offices greener and more environmentally-friendly.

Fortunately there are a whole host of ways to do this though in this article I’d like to concentrate on just the simplest to achieve so that the steps outlined can be actioned in next to no time and at little or no cost.

Use Eco Font

Did you know that there is a new font which has been designed to reduce the amount of ink that is used when printing? This “eco font” has small holes in it which are barely visible to the human eye. This means that whatever you print is perfectly readable, but saves on printing.

As an aside, if you don’t want to use the eco font, or can’t for whatever reason, why not consider sending out a memo asking everyone in the office to only use the low quality option when printing for internet use?

Recycle Waste Paper

Speak to your local council about getting a waste paper recycling collection each week and then place recycling bins in obvious places such as by the office printers. Then encourage the team to use them wherever possible.

Reduce Your Printing

Let’s be honest here. We print a lot of pointless stuff each day. Sometimes we want to take a document home with us. Sometimes we just want to file it away. Sometimes we print it wrong. Consider how much stuff that actually gets printed really needs to be. The answer is not very much. So before you hit the print key, take the time to consider whether or not you really do need to print it.

Recycled Paper

Ensure that paper-based products such as printer paper, note books and so on are all made from recycled material.

Energy-Efficient Bulbs

As bulbs run out, try exchanging them for energy efficient versions. Not only will you use less energy which will save you money and help the planet, but you will also cut down on the heat that is produced by standard electric light bulbs. And this will help keep the office cooler and more comfortable in summer.

Use Your Computer In More Efficient Way

If you’re going off on a tea break, consider closing down your computer or at least putting it into power-saving mode. Consider turning down your screen brightness and turning off any hardware – such as printers – that you’re not using.

Organic, Fair-Trade Drinks

When it comes to tea break, try to get hold of organic, fair-trade tea and coffee so that you’re helping farmers abroad and also aren’t responsible for pesticides going into the soil.

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