3 Green Job Boards to Guide Your Search

From engineering to advertising and even catering, industries across the board are taking steps to be more sustainable and environmentally aware.

With the green revolution strong as ever and only growing, the need for eco-conscious professionals is continually growing—which means our job market is evolving and adapting.

As concerns about climate change, deforestation and excessive pollution force companies to realistically look at how their actions impact the world around them, higher-ups and executives are making the call to bring in more people to man and support their environmental initiatives.

Contrary to what you might think, green careers are not limited to those with specializations in environmental science, atmospheric issues or any other science-based fields. Many communications, accounting, and business professionals are also finding themselves in the green market as environmental organizations need more than just scientists to make them tick.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate trying to land your first job or an experienced professional scrounging the market for something new, different and better, you might consider checking out what the green job market has to offer. If you’re worried about where to start, try one or all of the three green job boards listed below.

The Green Job Bank

Started in 2009, the Green Job Bank updates its listings daily and pulls from thousands of websites across the internet. Sometimes boasting as many as 10,000 unique postings at one time, the site’s listings include openings with trade associations, non-profits, research labs and more. Free to job seekers, the Green Job Bank also offers numerous discussion forums, providing users with on-the-job insight they might not get elsewhere.

Green Job Search

Allowing job seekers to browse by city, state, or even category, GreenJobSearch.org offers a plethora of options for its users. In addition to highlighting a list of featured at the top every day, the site also links to a green job blog to keep their users all-the-more informed and abreast of the latest and greatest green news. So, as you scour the classifieds and company career pages, consider visiting this site—you never know what you might find!

Treehugger Jobs

A branch of the Discovery Network, Treehugger is an outlet for green news, solutions, product information and more—including jobs. Boasting up-to-the date listings, Treehugger Jobs strives to keep potential green professionals informed and aware of opportunities across the country.

Job seekers can personalize their search by experience level, location and specialty as they browse this site. Driven by such a sustainable company, Treehugger Jobs delivers quality, reliable results people can trust.

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