10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Greener

Different rooms in the house have different primary functions and the bathroom has the potential to waste a huge amount of water. And not just cold water either of course; most of us like hot water whenever possible.

So the main elements for greening your bathroom are to cut down on water wastage and unnecessarily heating your water. Here are some useful tips that can be easily implemented and will help you reduce the eco footprint of your bathroom.

Turn Off The Tap When Brushing Your Teeth

Sure, you want a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth so you get up a lather but there is no need to leave the tap running while you brush. Turn it off and then when you have finished brushing and are ready to rinse then turn the tap on again.

Take Showers Not Baths

The average shower uses significantly less water than a bath. Not only that but of course most showers are quicker – meaning you have more time in the morning (or, if you’re like me, you can just get up later!). So by all means enjoy the odd hot bath after a hard day at work, but why not start the day with an invigorating (and environmentally-friendly) shower?

Use A Water-Saving Shower Head To Save Even More Water

You can take your showers to the next level of eco-consciousness and even get hold of simple shower heads that inject oxygen into the water flow so allowing you to have just as a good a shower but saving even more water. Well worth a thought – and a nice cheap and easy way to go green without you really having to put much effort in 🙂

Flush Your Toilet Less

OK, so this one does divide people to a degree. But many experts recommend trying *not* to flush your loo as often. As the saying goes “If it’s yellow, let it settle. If it’s brown, flush it down”.

Use Less Water When Flushing

There are a range of options available – from simply adding a brick to your cistern to more professional solutions – which are designed to help you to use less water when you do flush. Once again, fit it once and save water for ever more so a really great idea for those who care about the planet.

Reuse Your Water

So you’ve had a shower. What now? Why not reuse that water on your garden so that it isn’t wasted. The cheapest option is simply to dip a watering can into the water once you’ve finished though it is possible to add some simple plumbing work and make the whole effort far easier to mainatin.

Lag Your Boiler And Pipes

Hot water loses heat fast. And uses a lot of energy to heat up. So save on the power bills by properly insulating your boiler and also – and many people seem to forget this – remember to insulate your hot water pipes too.

Experiment With Your Hot Water Timer

How long do you really need your timer on for? Try reducing the amount of time your boiler is on for and see how low you can get it before you actually start running out of hot water in the morning. Every little helps.

Use Organic Toiletries

Many standard toiletries such as shampoos and shower gels contain nasty chemicals that can do some serious damage to the plant and animal life when they get into the water system. If you’re planning to reuse your water on your garden this is even more important. So consider finding gentler and more natural toilettries so you reduce the risk to the environment.

Dry Your Towels Naturally

Towel warmers, radiators and so on all help to dry a towel but try to only use these if absolutely necessary. Just hang your towels on the washing line if you have the time which will not only save on energy but will also leave them smelling wonderfully fresh.

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